A thought for a japanese garden

The founder first prize, the former president who expanded the business, and the current president I and the Kawanagishi family have engaged in the landscaping industry for nearly 100 years.

Even saying a Japanese garden as a bite, I worked on a variety of landscaping, from gardens where the garden is the leading role, such as art museums and inns, to gardens close to the residents like the tea room and the courtyard.

In recent years, there are many small houses and condominiums, so it is no longer easy to landscap a large garden. However, as the original landscape of the Japanese people, like the satoyama and the countryside scenery, “Tsukubai” of the rim side, the tea room and the courtyard is inscribed.

It is our company’s thought towards gardening that not to stop the mental scenery that can be said as history, and to convey the garden as the original landscape of the Japanese to other countries.

Thoughts to inherit

To my son who is the next generation, we carry “telling” things.

I am planning to learn not only Japanese gardens but also tea, flower arrangement, various “Japanese” culture, and I will consider our experience based on reliable technology.

Fortunately, the person himself also works positively, I think that it is being able to inherit our company to the next generation though it is small.

President Shinsuke Kawagishi
After graduating from university, master the technology of stone carving at many sites in Awata Construction. After that, he also trained at the landscaping company in Kyoto and joined Kawagishi Landscaping in 2016.